National Computational Infrastructure
NCI National Facility
NCI MPI Applications and Optimisation
Outline: This course discusses issues related to the use of MPI in real parallel applications particularly for enhanced performance.
  • Introduction
  • Measuring performance
  • Scalability
  • MPI issues
  • Tools
  • Master-slave
  • Data distribution
  • Dense linear algebra
  • Grid methods
  • Fourier transforms
  • Particle methods
Course slides HTML of the course slides, separate html files per slide.
PDF of the course slides Single PDF document, with a new page for each slide.
Alternative PDF of the course slides This may not print. Print to page 26 then from 28 onwards.
All the course slides HTML of all the slides in a single page.
Notes PDF notes from a very similar EPCC course.
Course Examples and Exercises A tar file comprising examples and course exercises with solutions.
MPI 2.2 Local copy of the MPI 2.2 standard in readable form with rationales and advice to users. It is a roll-up of all previous versions of the standard into one. This index of MPI routines may be useful.
Using MPI at NF: See the National Facility User Guide particularly the section on Using MPI at NF.
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